Pop Star Plus Interview, February 2009
Brimstone Feature - July 2009 Issue of Celebrity Report Magazine (PDF 2.1 Mb)
Brimstone Feature - July 2009 Issue of Signature Hits Magazine (PDF 1.2 Mb)

Confirmed Press and Media

Ken Smith – The Loud Idiots

Lon Dobbs - Pop Stars Plus

Wire Image / Getty Image

Holden Jay Leeds

Fernando Cuestas

Rahim Baskett

Dalila Kriheli

Sean Pomper
(DVD Videographer)

Signature Hits Magazine


Latin Pulse Magazine

Chrissy Joseph
(Chrissy and the City - Photographer)

David La Greca
(Sirius Satellite Radio – Busted Open)

Diana Costello
(The Lime – 5 Towns College)

Eddy Shades Media

Celebrity Report Magazine

Josh & KB
(The Cruisin’ Cripples – Radio)

Mike Trash & Trish Trash
(Trash Talking Radio)

Janet Zappasodi

Full Throttle Magazine

Mark Valezquez
(Photographer, Full Throttle Magazine)

Phil Fazin
(Photographer, Full Throttle Magazine)

Martin Roe


The Jerry and Louise Show

Levittown Tribune

Talent in Motion Magazine

Foxx Code Magazine / Angel Raze 88 Inc.

Ad Media


E2K Magazine

DAM Magazine

Nilo Radio

Franco Frasetti

Black Voices

Prick Magazine

Skinart Magazine

Inked Magazine

My Long Island TV

Sports Imagry

Today's Sport Magazine

Metal Noize TV

The Bob Show

Stonebridge Media

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