The Brimstone Fund

Brimstone isn't all Brimstone and fire, underneath the layers of muscle and brass he lends his heart and soul to those passionate about following their dreams as he did in the entertainment world. He knows what it takes, how hard the road is, what the journey means, and why ONLY few are chosen.

The fund will be utilized as a yearly college tuition scholarship for young men and women who are looking to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

For those who have either currently been seeking the adventure and thrill of the entertainment industry or have been waiting by the sidelines, this is your chance to become a part of the spectacular opportunity for your chance at a scholarship.

For a full submission, please send us your name, bio/resume, contact info, current GPA standing and a short submission letter to to be considered for the next generation of entertainment.

For those interested in supporting and donating to the cause you can make checks payable to: The Brimstone Roast and send to: P.O. Box 803, Levittown, NY 11756.

For more information about the Fund or for press inquiries please write to:

Thanks for your support!